Church Times


Parish Communion

Every first and third Sunday
at 9:30 AM for ¾ hour

Wressle Church

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Church Features

Very much the village church, St John’s strives to be at the heart of the whole rural community it serves.

Wressle Church is snug and well attended. unusual both in its architecture and in its dedication. A new church was built in brick in 1799 in a style somewhat reminiscent of a non-conformist chapel (apart from the small tower) by Lord Egremont, in an era when church building was relatively uncommon. Before this new church was built, villagers worshipped in the chapel in the now ruined Wressle Castle, not far away.

It is the most westerly church in the Archdeaconry of the East Riding.

The dedication is to East Riding saint, John of Beverley (or Harpham): an Anglo-Saxon bishop, whose deeds are recorded in Bede’s Historia.

The Howden Team Rogation Ramble has taken place place at Wressle for the past several years.