Goole-Go-Far operates a hail & ride “weekly shopper” service between HOSM and Goole.

It ONLY runs on a TUESDAY.

It is Service 358.

Mi Bus

Mi Bus

Holme upon Spalding Moor9:30 am
Foggathorpe9:40 am
Bubwith9.45 am
Breighton9.50 am
Wressle9.55 am
Howden (Memorial)10.05 am
Hook10.15 am
Goole (North Street)10:20 am
Goole (Boothferry Road – Tesco)10:30 am

This service returns along the same route after aprox 4hrs

Goole (Boothferry Road – Tesco)1:30 pm
Goole (North Street)1.35 pm
Hook1.40 pm
Howden Memorial1.50 pm
Wressle2:00 pm
Breighton2.05 pm
Bubwith2.15 pm
Foggathorpe2.20 pm
Holme upon Spalding Moor2.30 pm